In partnership with Brookfield Properties, we have transformed the Sohaila Restaurant for Fat Macy's Charity Foundation. For the refurbishment of the existing Shoreditch premises, we received overwhelming support from our professional partners and supply chain, who donated time and resources free of charge.

Sohaila is a Lebanese restaurant and wine bar “with a social purpose at its heart”, opened in January 2022 by Fat Macy’s and described by food critic Jay Raynor as “charming, the food is great and at its heart is a noble purpose.”

This mission-driven social enterprise uses its food and hospitality businesses to tackle homelessness. It provides a training programme for volunteers looking to get out of hostels and into their own homes.

"Eating here is far from an act of charity" - Jay Raynor | The Observer | Article Link

" It’s charming, the food is great and at its heart is a noble purpose. I have no idea whether I was served by any of the Fat Macy’s trainees. It would be rather missing the point to highlight their journey to the side of my table."

Jay Raynor | The Observer

The programme supports those experiencing homelessness through intensive one-to-one support, teaching them vital skills and providing practical work experience in their restaurant and catering business, 'empowering them on their pathway from hostel to home.'

It’s been a privilege to work with Fat Macy’s and Brookfield Properties to support this applaudable cause.

A massive thank you to all involved in transforming this space from design to delivery.

"Brookfield Properties would like to thank all involved for their generous donations of their time and materials to ensure this was delivered free of charge to Fat Macy's and therefore not diverting any funds away from their core cause."

Dean Manning Senior Vice President | Construction Services | U.K. Office Division | Brookfield Properties