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QOB Environmental Policy

This is the Environmental Policy statement for QOB Interiors Ltd that sets out our commitment to measuring, managing and reducing our environmental impact on the projects we deliver, the communities we work in and the planet we live on.


We specialise in high quality building refurbishment and fit out of commercial properties. We are committed to the protection and enhancement of the environment from our Directors, our site teams and supply chain. Reducing waste, lowering vehicle emissions and energy consumption, using materials from sustainable sources, biodiversity protection and working with our clients and supply chain are our key environmental objectives .


Ultimate responsibility for our sustainable approach within QOB Interiors rests with me as Managing Director. I will ensure that we as a company are managed and adequately resourced to reduce the environmental impact of our activities. To achieve this objective, this policy shall be communicated to our employees and made accessible to all interested parties. All QOB management will ensure works under their control are managed, planned and adequately resourced in line with our management systems.

The continuing development of a positive sustainable approach within QOB Interiors will be achieved by the involvement of all employees. In addition, the availability of competent personnel at all levels is critical to sustainable working practices. It is the responsibility of all levels of management to ensure that their personnel are fully competent and understand, have access to competent environmental advice and are consulted on any issues.


• Comply with all relevant environmental legislation;

• Continue certification to ISO 14001:2015;

• Influence design by working with our supply chain to offer alternative sustainable solutions to our clients and interested parties;

• Identify risks and implement processes and controls to minimise environmental issues to a tolerable level or transfer/avoid the risk;

• Procure materials and services that are sustainable and offer greater energy efficiency than those we replace;

• Reduce water, energy consumption and single use plastics;

• Promote the use of public transport and home working where possible;

• Ensure all employees are made aware of the impact of their activities on the environment by providing awareness training on a yearly basis;

• Establish and monitor our targets that allow us to continually improve our environmental performance.

• Ensure suitable & sufficient resource and consultant advice is available to achieve our company aims.

This policy and associated management systems are to be reviewed annually or following the introduction of new regulations/amendments.

Steven Argent

Managing Director

Date: 11th August 2020