Health & Safety Policy

QOB Interiors Ltd specialise in high quality building refurbishment and fit out of residential and commercial properties. Our continuing success relies on maintaining a safe and healthy workplace. I therefore place a high priority on the provision of workplaces that are safe and without risks to the health of all employees, subcontractors, client’s employees and members of the public insofar as they may be affected by our activities. In achieving this, QOB Interiors Ltd will meet the requirements of UK health and safety legislation, ISO 45001:2018 and relevant industry standards.


Responsibility for Health and Safety within QOB Interiors Ltd rests with me as Managing Director responsible for safety. I will ensure that we as a company have suitable and sufficient management and are adequately resourced to identify and eliminate hazards and reduce the risks to the health and safety of its employees. To achieve this objective, this policy shall be communicated to our employees to ensure works under their control are managed, planned and adequately resourced in line with our management systems. This policy will also be made accessible to all interested parties.

The continuing development of a positive safety culture within QOB Interiors Ltd depends on the involvement of all employees. In addition, the availability of competent personnel at all levels is critical to safe and healthy working, it is the responsibility of all levels of management to ensure that their personnel are fully competent and trained to work safely, have access to competent health and safety advice and are consulted and participate on health and safety issues. Our management is also responsible for ensuring the competence and safe working of all subcontractors and agency staff working on QOB Interiors Ltd contracts.


  • Comply to all relevant health and safety legislation including CDM 2015 Regulations, Site Operating Procedure issued by the Construction Leadership Council and UK Government guidance;
  • Continued certification to ISO 45001:2018
  • Use hazard identification and risk assessment to ensure the correct controls are in place to prevent injury or ill health through safe systems of work;
  • Ensure our employees have the right training, skills, experience and knowledge;
  • Encourage open channels of communication and actively promote a positive culture within the workforce;
  • Provide safe working environments and suitable welfare facilities for all;
  • Ensure our sub-contractors and suppliers are selected and monitored on H&S compliance
  • Ensure there are adequate resources to achieve these objectives
  • Establish and monitor our targets that allow us to continually improve our performance.
  • This policy and associated management systems are to be reviewed annually or following the introduction of new regulations/amendments.