Created to deliver fit out and
refurbishment projects

Quality delivery

We are passionate about delivering good quality projects as this motivates our team, makes the Client and Consultant respect our standards, reinforces relationships and leads to repeat business.

At QOB we commit to delivering a quality ‘fit out’ product. This is achieved by focusing on the incremental steps of setting standards, agreeing they are met and replicating them through the installation process. Once installed we will ensure that testing commissioning and witnessing of all services and systems is undertaken, recorded and witnessed.

Our incremental steps to quality delivery will be:

  • Agreeing standards through selection of suitable products and materials
  • Offering samples of proposed materials and components
  • Installing mock ups of installation standards
  • Benchmarking install with stakeholder approval
  • Replicating benchmark standards throughout the build
  • Proving operation of the technical install
  • Snagging and rectifying the install to agreed standards
  • Providing record information and commissioning data

With these simple and proven steps, managed by the QOB team, we will make sure that the delivery of quality is visited regularly throughout the lifecycle of the project. This will engender trust that we will get to project completion and hand over exactly what the Client desires.

QOB’s senior management team has more than 140 years’ experience of the fit out sector